Thursday, September 16, 2010

Welcome to the LaGrange College Library Blog!

Welcome to the library's new blog! Starting now, this blog will be used to communicate timely information related to the library at LaGrange College. That information may include, but is not limited to:

  • advertising events, classes and lectures taking place at the library or in the library classroom or auditorium
  • advertising events and other goings-on across campus dealing with academics, the arts, and student life
  • communicating information about the 24-hour study, tutoring center hours, and helpful study and research tips
  • presenting library resource highlights & web-interviews with students and faculty about their favorite library resources
  • announcing new book and resource arrivals & presenting virtual tutorials on how to use technology in the library

The library at LaGrange College hopes this blog will be used by all of our library patrons as a valuable resource. As this blog grows, you will be able to search through past blog posts using tags (labels). Each blog post will be tagged/labeled with a descriptive keyword or phrase (for ex. music resources, cultural enrichment events, tutoring, etc.). You can search through these tags/labels by clicking on them in the right-hand column.

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