Friday, May 31, 2013

New Arrivals at Lewis Library

Browsing Books (aka McNaughton Collection)

Here's a new batch of books at the library, through the McNaughton Collection, a leased collection of current bestsellers and popular titles to provide leisure reading for the campus community. 

Stop by, browse, and enjoy!

Title: Inferno   Author:  Dan Brown
Call number: XL PS 3552 .R685434 I54 2013
 In the heart of Italy, Harvard professor of symbology, Robert Langdon, is drawn into a harrowing world centered on one of history’s most enduring and mysterious literary masterpieces … Dante’s Inferno.

Title: The Astor Orphan   Author:  Alexandra Aldrich
Call number: XL F 124 .A53 2013
An unflinching debut memoir by a direct descendant of John Jacob Aster, Alexandra Aldrich… Aldrich brilliantly tells the story of her eccentric, fractured family; her 1980s childhood of bohemian neglect in the squalid attic of the family’s Hudson Valley Mansion; and her brave escape from the clan. Aldrich reaches back to the Gilded Age when the Astor legacy began to come undone, leaving the Aldrich branch of the family penniless and squabbling over what was left.
Illustrated with black-and-white photographs that bring this faded world into focus, The Astor Ophan is written with the grit of The Glass Castle and set amid the aristocratic decay of Grey Gardens.
Title: The Hit    Author:  Alexandra Aldrich
Call number: XL F 124 .A53 2013
 From David Baldacci--#1 bestselling author and one of the world's most popular, widely read storytellers--comes the most thrilling novel of the year.

Title: Unwritten   Author:  Charles Martin
Call number: XL PS 3613 .A7778 U59 2013
An actress running from her past finds escape with a man hiding from his future.  When someone wants to be lost, a home tucked among the Ten Thousand Islands off the Florida coast is a good place to live. A couple decent boats, and a deep knowledge of fishing and a man can get by without ever having to talk to another soul. It's a nice enough existence, until the one person who ties him to the world of the living, the reason he's still among them even if only on the fringes, asks him for help. 

Title: And the Mountains Echoed    Author:  Khaled Hosseini
Call number: XL PS 3608 .O832 A53 2013
Khaled Hosseini, the #1 New York Times–bestselling author of The Kite Runner and A Thousand Splendid Suns, has written a new novel about how we love, how we take care of one another, and how the choices we make resonate through generations.

Title: Montaro Caine    Author:  Sidney Poitier
Call number: XL PS 3616 .O547 M66 2013
 In his first novel, the beloved actor and director Sidney Poitier takes us on a wild and unexpected adventure—from New York to Europe to the Caribbean and beyond. An enthralling journey into the magic of existence, Montaro Caine is a radiant debut from an American legend.

Title: The Limpopo Academy of Private Detection   Author:  Alexander McCall
Call number: XL PR 6063 .C326 L56 2012
Alexander McCall Smith’s beloved, bestselling No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency series continues as Botswana’s best and kindest detective finds  her personal and professional lives have become entangled.

Title: Here is Where   Author:  Andrew Carroll
Call number: XL E 159 .C32 2013
Here Is Where chronicles Andrew Carroll’s eye-opening – and at times hilarious -- journey across America to find and explore unmarked historic sites where extraordinary moments occurred and remarkable individuals once lived.  Among the things he learned: Where in North America the oldest sample of human DNA was discovered and how a 14-year-old farm boy’s brainstorm led to the creation of television.

Title: American Phoenix   Author:  Jane Hampton Cook
Call number: XL E 377 .C67 2013
 John Quincy and Louisa Adams’s unexpected journey that changed everything.
Author, historian, and national media commentator Jane Hampton Cook breathes life into once-obscure history, weaving a meticulously researched biographical tapestry that reads like a gripping novel. With the arc and intrigue of Shakespearean drama in a Jane Austen era, American Phoenix is a timely yet timeless addition to the recent renaissance of works on the founding Adams family, from patriarchs John and Abigail to the second-generation of John Quincy and Louisa and beyond.
Title: 12th of Never   Author:  James Patterson
Call number: XL PS 3566 .A822 A6187 2013
It's finally time! Detective Lindsay Boxer is in labor--while two killers are on the loose.

Lindsay Boxer's beautiful baby is born! But after only a week at home with her new daughter, Lindsay is forced to return to work to face two of the biggest cases of her career.

A rising star football player for the San Francisco 49ers is the prime suspect in a grisly murder. At the same time, Lindsay is confronted with the strangest story she's ever heard: An eccentric English professor has been having vivid nightmares about a violent murder and he's convinced is real. Lindsay doesn't believe him, but then a shooting is called in-and it fits the professor's description to the last detail.
**This post was authored by Stacey Davis.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A VIP Visit to the Suber Archives

On April 8, President Dan McAlexander, Marty Pirrman, Vice President for Finance and Operations  and David Garrison, Provost and Professor of English came to the Suber Archives and Special Collections to see exactly what sorts of things we do on the lower level of the Lewis Library and why we think this work is important to LaGrange College.  Rather than spend time talking, we gave them a cyber tour of our webpage to let the photographs, documents, artifacts, and other information tell the stories of LaGrange College.  On our site you can find mystery photographs that you can help us identify, digital access to the back issues of the Quadrangles, many of past LaGrange College catalogues as well as information about our special collections.  As Homecoming approaches, you will be able to find a wide assortment of photos and memorabilia for the featured class of 1963.
For those entering the site for the first time, you can find us on the Lewis Library homepage then you can click on Archives and Special Collections under Information Links.  This will take you directly to our page. Now you can just roll your mouse over each of the tabs and view some of the treasures we house here and enlarge your knowledge of the history of LaGrange College.  Come and visit us often!

**This post was authored by Pat Barrett.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Spotlighting Lewis Library’s Graduating Student Assistants for 2013

Congratulations to our graduating SENIORS for their outstanding work at Lewis Library.  
In signing up to work in the library, through the financial aid department, most freshmen will remain with us their entire college years. 
As I have supervised student assistants in the library for a number of years, there have been many with no work experience at all.   Regardless of the work history, I begin my training process by saying, “This is a REAL job and with a real job comes real recommendations for future jobs.”  
Mary Lou and I are honored to have worked with each at the Circulation and Help Desk over the years.   I am sure the life lessons and work experience given by our staff will impact each as they go forth into the REAL world.  

Megan Osika-4 years-Circulation Desk
Jeremy Ikner-2 years-Circulation Desk

Henry Jacobs-2 years-Help Desk

Rachel Singleton-4 years-Circulation Desk

Robert Tobias-4 years-Circulation Desk

Sarah Carter-2 years-Circulation Desk

Bernice Fannin-3 years-Circulation Desk and Helpdesk

Best Wishes to all of our Graduating Seniors!
**This post was authored by Lisa Farrow.