Wednesday, August 17, 2011

New Location for History DVDs

Library staff will soon move DVDs with call numbers CB through F to a new location on the 3rd floor. These DVDs, which include historical films, archival footage, and documentaries are often used to supplement material learned in history classes. The new location, behind current periodicals and directly across from a group study room, is more easily accessible to professors and students.

Library staff will also add labels to these shelves to more easily organize the DVDs by topic. As a result, we hope that they will see more usage. Here are just a few categories you might be interested in:

The Middle Ages
Military History
Ancient History
European History
Asian History
African American History
Travel programs

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Facebook Page Features Library Material

The Library staff is now using Facebook to feature material that you may not realize is at your fingertips! Every Friday, a short description of a different book, DVD, CD, internet or archival resource will be posted. Be sure to "like" the Library facebook page to receive these updates in your minifeed.

This week's feature is the book, Zeitoun. A new addition to Lewis Library, Zeitoun is the summer reading for this year’s Freshman Class. New students will reflect on this book as part of their Cornerstone experience. There is much to ponder and discuss in this book!

Both funny and tragic, Zeitoun is the true story of one family caught between America’s War on Terror and Hurricane Katrina. After the evacuation of his wife and four children, Abdulrahman Zeitoun, an American-Syrian Muslim, stays in New Orleans to manage the family business. In the face of general indifference and incompetence, he travels around New Orleans in a canoe, helping the city’s elderly and abandoned animals.