Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Annotated Cat (Sort of)

Felis silvestris catus  or Felis catus?   "His Majesty" until this taxonomic dispute is resolved.

While sorting through the several thousand dusty, black and white photographs we have in Archives and Special Collections,  I found a wonderful photograph of an unknown feline who had his/her picture taken sometime in the 1980's.  I seldom find pictures of animals and this kitty, like all cats, has the ability to feel content in any environment. 
Since we have lots of cat lovers on campus so I'd like to spotlight a few of the books we have in our juvenile collection which each of us can all enjoy even as adults.  Flabby Tabby by Penny McKinlay is the tale of a kitty who is too fat.  Mr. Putter and Tabby Stir the Soup tells the story of  plans to cook a pot of homemade soup but "goes to the dogs" and is part of a long series by Cynthia Rylant. 

One of my very favorite stories is A Dark, Dark Tale by Ruth Brown and the black cat on the cover takes the reader on a journey to the surprise ending.   Although this book is not currently in our collection, you can request it through an interlibrary loan and I hope you will agree with me that it is a treasure.

This is a picture of my Foxy who was once part of the feral cat population on campus and who could have served as the inspiration for A Dark, Dark Tale.  He lives indoors now with his eight other siblings.

Flabby Tabby from our collection of children's books
Mr. Putter & Tabby Stir the Soup 
One of Cynthia Rylant's Mr. Putter and Tabby series

While these little guys are now spoiled in my house, they were once feral cats on the campus.   I am happy to be surrounded by people who love animals.  Foxy's message to everyone is,  Have your animal spayed or neutered.




Kinky and Kabuki

Loki living in drainspout and Loki now.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Earth Week Events in the Library and on Campus

This is Earth week at LaGrange College! There are many events taking place on campus, including several events that will be in Lewis Library.  Many of the events are for cultural enrichment (CE) credit, including some for sustainability CE credit. According to the college, "The 2012 Earth Week observation at LaGrange College is packed full of fun and educational activities.  The focus of the week is education of our students concerning any and all things that could be labeled "sustainable"."  

Below is a list of events to mark your calendars for:

  • Ultimate Frisbee on the Quad from 3-5PM.
  • "Citizen Architect:  Samuel Mockbee and the Spirit of the Rural Studio".  The first of three movie nights sponsored by DASH LaGrange (Dependable, Affordable, Sustainable Housing) with guest host Todd Stephens (Troup Alive and Green).  Lewis Library auditorium at 7PM.  Sustainability CE Credit.
  • "Kia Manufacturing:  Putting West Point on the Map".  11:15AM in the Bailey Room.  (Cultural enrichment event for the students.)  Sustainability CE Credit.
  • Habitat ReStore on campus.  12PM-3PM.  Near Candler and Hawkins Halls.
  • Open House.  Sustainability Theme House.  3PM-4PM.  1009 Vernon St.
  • Kickball on the Quad from 4-6PM.
  • "In This Economy?"  4PM, Lewis Library auditorium.  Sustainability CE Credit.
  • "Waiting for Superman".  The second of three movie nights sponsored by DASH with special guest host (and local author) Nigel Walker.  Lewis Library auditorium at 7PM.  Sustainability CE Credit.
  • Chapel service with special focus on sustainability.  3PM.  LaGrange College Chapel.  Sustainability CE Credit.
  • Corn Hole Tournament on the Quad from 3-5PM.
  • "Grow!" The final night of the sponsored movie nights by DASH.  Local farmer Chris Jackson will be the host.  Lewis Library auditorium at 7PM.  Sustainability CE Credit.
  • All Day Blood Drive (Student Life) in the Dickson Assembly Room.
  • "Off Oil" with John Bradford of Interface at 11:15AM in the Bailey Room.  Sustainability CE Credit.
  •  The (planned) outside meal will use locally purchased food and fair trade coffees and teas.  Low water consumption, low carbon footprint, and maximum ability to recycle or compost meal components were primary concerns for this outdoor (if weather cooperates) lunch at the Plaza.  During this time, non-profits, organizations, contractors, and other groups will be on display in the plaza. Further, the winner of the Dorm Energy Efficiency Contest will be announced during this mealtime!
  • Recycled Jewelry Table (during the outdoor event).  Bring your unwanted "costume Jewelry" to the Career Development Center and receive a ticket for each item.  We will be accepting jewelry starting Monday and ending Wednesday at 5:00 PM.
  • Flag Football Tournament on the Quad from 4-6PM.
  • "Sustainable Fashion Show".  Student will model designs by other students that are from Goodwill.  The red carpet will roll and the students will model their fashion at 8PM in the Plaza (between the Lewis Library and the Pitts Dining Hall).  Sustainability CE Credit.
  • Habitat ReStore on campus.  12PM-3PM.  Near Turner and Henry Halls.
  • Volleyball Tournament on the Quad from 3-5PM.


A huge thanks to the group organizing this Earth Week, the LaGrange College Sustainability Council. This is a group of faculty and staff members and students who are interested in helping LC be its best.  If you're interested in being a part of the mission to improve LaGrange College, please contact the council.  Here are some great sites/feeds for you:

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Charles Hudson: Celebrating a Life in Civic Action

As a celebration of the life of Charles D. Hudson (1927-2012), the Archives and Special Collections at the Lewis Library has compiled a number of photographs and quotations in an exhibit  which encapsulates Mr. Hudson's total commitment not only to LaGrange College but to his community. 

Former Congressman George "Buddy" Darden was the first official visitor and we extend an invitation to everyone in the LaGrange community to  remember the many accomplishments of this remarkable man.

Charles D. Hudson (1927-2012) 

CHARLES D. HUDSON, age 84, of LaGrange, died Thursday, January 19, 2012, at his home. Mr. Hudson was born March 17, 1927 in LaGrange, the son of J.D. Hudson and Janie Hill Hudson. He attended LaGrange Public Schools, Georgia Military Academy (Woodward Academy), and Auburn University, where he was a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. He was awarded honorary doctorates from Auburn University, LaGrange College, and Mercer University. He served in the U.S. Navy during World War II and then returned home to serve his community. Mr. Hudson was a member and deacon of First Baptist Church on the Square. His service to the community was long and varied. He was a member of the Rotary Club of LaGrange for 61 years, serving as president in 1964-65 and had 33 years of consecutive perfect attendance. He was a Paul Harris Fellow, Will Watt Fellow, and Walter Murphy Fellow (Rotary's highest awards at the International, District, and local levels). He received the first annual LaGrange Rotarian of the Year award in 1996. Mr. Hudson served on the Board of Trustees of Fuller E. Callaway Foundation for 39 years and Callaway Foundation, Inc. for 31 years. He was also a Trustee of Callaway Education Association. Mr. Hudson was a partner in Hudson Hardware Company, owner of Hammond Hudson insurance agency, owner and president of Hammond, Hudson, & Holder insurance agency, board member of Hutchinson Traylor, Vice President of LaGrange Industries, partner in Hudson Maddox Enterprises, partner in PCH Properties, and Chairman of First Annuity Corp., LaGrange. He was committed to education at all levels, having served on the Board of Trustees and Chairman of the Board of LaGrange College, where he was acting President in 1979-1980. He was a former Trustee and President of Auburn University Foundation, and a former Board member of the Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Arts at Auburn University. He was a member of the LaGrange Board of Education, and served twice as Chairman of the Board. He aalso served as an area director for the Georgia School Boards Association. He was a member of Beta Gamma Sigma at Georgia State University, and a former board member and Trustee Emeritus of Georgia Council of Economic Education. He was the 1996 winner of the William J. VanLandingham Commitment to Education Award, presented by the Georgia Council on Economic Education. Mr. Hudson's other community service includes Georgia Department of Corrections, former member and Chairman of the Board; West Georgia Medical Center, former board member and Chairman of the Board; Georgia Baptist Hospital, former member and Chairman of the Board; Scottish Rite Children's Hospital, former board member; Florence Hand Home Charitable Trust, Chairman of the Board; Camp Viola, former board member; Chattahoochee Valley Art Association, former board member; LaGrange Historic Preservation Commission, member; Chattahoochee Valley Art Association, former board member; LaGrange Historic Preservation Commission, Chairman; Troup County Historical Society, Member, Trustee, and Trustee Representative to the Executive Committee; LaGrange Chamber of Commerce former board member; LaGrange Jaycees, former member and President; and Newcomen Society of North America, former trustee. Mr. Hudson also served Citizens & Southern National Bank, LaGrange, board member; Citizens & Southern National Bank, Atlanta; C&S Investment Advisors, Inc., Atlanta; NationsBank of Georgia (now Bank of America), former member of the Board and Chairman of the Trust Committee; Sons of the American Revolution member; Georgia Gridiron Secret Society; American Legion, member; and Highland Country Club, Chairman of the Board. He was a member of Lafayette Club, Commerce Club Atlanta, LaGrange Gridiron Club, the Masons, Shriners, and Elks Clubs. Mr. Hudson received several awards over the years, including: Georgia Military Academy/Woodward Academy Distinguished Alumni Award 1971; Colonial Life Insurance Company President's award 1966, 1969, 1970, 1975-80; Optimist's Association Respect Law award 1977; Ga Assn AIA Public Service award 1977; Aetna Life & Casualty Leading Producer award 1979; and Georgia Hospital Association, Distinguished Service Award 1980.
Published in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution on January 20, 2012

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

"Titanic" Books from the Collection

If you’re interested in the Titanic, whose centennial is coming up (it sank on April 15, 1912), we have several books about it on the lower level (call numbers beginning G 530).  These include:

  • Walter Lord, A Night to Remember (call number G530 .T600 L6 1998) – Lord interviewed many survivors for this 1955 book that renewed interest in the Titanic (it was the first book about the ship since 1912). 

  • Walter Lord, The Night Lives On (G530 .T6 L56 1986) – Lord updates his earlier book based on new information that had come to light, and revisits some of the legends and unanswered questions about the disaster.

  • Robert D. Ballard, The Discovery of the Titanic (G530 .T6 B49 1987) – an account by the man who found the Titanic on the ocean floor in 1985.

We also have some e-books.  Just go to the online catalog and type “Titanic” in the “Subject” box.

If you’re interested in following the story as it unfolded, the library has the New York Times for April 1912 on microfilm.  Or you can find some of the articles from 1912 online using the New York Times Archive.  Ask the reference librarian if you want assistance.

Google Books also provides magazine articles from the time, such as this article from 1913 by Captain Rostron of the Carpathia, the ship that rescued the Titanic survivors.

*This blog post authored by Reference and Interlibrary Loan Librarian Dr. Arthur Robinson.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Staff Picks #9: The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle

The newest book recommendation for Lewis Library's "Staff Picks" series of blog posts comes from graduate library assistant Rachel Evans. You might recall Rachel's January review of Kafka on the Shore. This new mini book review is of another novel by the same author, Haruki Murakami, titled The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle. Both books are available for check-out from Lewis Library. Listen in to what Rachel had to say about this book:

"The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle is an incredible tale that gets you lost in a very strange world... half of the time your down in the dark depths of a dried up well with the protagonist of the story, on a mysterious "psychic" quest. This quest starts out as a search for a lost cat, and turns into a seemingly never-ending epic to find the main characters wife. Along the way some very charming and interesting characters arise including a young teenage girl fascinated with wigs and a psychic prostitute. In the process of searching for his missing cat and wife, our main character realizes his own psychic abilities after receiving a strange mark on his face. Although this novel is a much longer commitment of a read, it is well worth the effort! An excellent, sprawling story with all the trademarks you'd expect from Murakami. This was perfect to read after Kafka on the Shore and in many ways is a more in-depth look at the literary ideas and mechanisms explored in Murakami's previous novels. This book also won the Yomiuri Literary Award, and it's no surprise why. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in surreal and dream-like modern literature. This book will really shake-up your perspective on reality and the power of the human psyche!"  Call Number PL856 .U673 N4513 1998