Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A Special Gift to the Suber Archives and Special Collections

      Last Tuesday, Lewis Library had a special visitor come to our Suber Archives and Special Collections to donate a rather unique and interesting piece to our collection: A hand-carved, hand-painted Nativity Scene.

     This special visitor was the talented art major and LaGrange College graduate of 1969, Wanda Lybarger. She visited campus for the FIRST TIME in 45 years this past Tuesday, and brought the nativity scene with her to gift to the college.

Wanda Lybarger (center) and her friends Colleen Snelling and Kathy Skelly 

     Wanda created this nativity scene for her mother, and it took approximately eight years to complete. It is made of two different types of wood (one for the larger pieces, and a different one for the smaller, more delicate pieces like the hands) and is painted with oil-based paints. Her fascination with whittling began as a child, and she is largely self-taught in this skill.

Wanda unpacking her Nativity Scene

     Wanda and her friends enjoyed a tour of the Lewis Library and the campus with our very own Jacque Hornsby and our Director, Loren Pinkerman. 

     Jacque, who first met Wanda while they were students at LaGrange College, says, "It was a joy to welcome her back to campus and to share the remarkable changes which have taken place during the last forty-five years."

Here are some close-ups of the Nativity:

Angels atop the créche
Baby Jesus with Joseph and Mother Mary
The Three Wise Men

The Lewis Library and Suber Archives and Special Collections are thrilled to receive this gift from Wanda and are so grateful for her visit last week!