Friday, September 17, 2010

Special Check Out Items

The library at LaGrange College has many special items for check out to students and faculty alike. These items can only be accessed through the Circulation desk. These items include Reserves, Headphones, Study Rooms and Laptops.
  • Reserves - any item placed on reserve by professors for the purpose of a specific class or discipline can be checked out for a specific amount of time. It is up to the professor to set that amount of time. Many items on reserve are for "library use only", other items are for "1-day" or "1-week". These items may include books, articles, dvd's and cd's. Education Theses are also a type of reserve item, and may be checked out by graduate students of the MAT and MED programs. When requesting a reserve item, let the circulation desk attendant know which class and which professor the reserve item is for.
  • Headphones - headphones may be checked out by students and faculty for "library use only" to aid in viewing and listening to materials online, and on cd's and dvd's.
  • Study Rooms - many group study rooms are available throughout the library, and are open to students on a first come basis. These rooms may be reserved by students and faculty for hosting group study sessions, organization meetings, and class sessions. All study rooms are equipped with white boards and dry-erase markers, as well as adequate seating and study tables. Two rooms also have a vhs and dvd player with a small television for those needing to watch films as a group or alone. There is also a Media Lounge which has a large flat-screen television and a dvd and blu-ray player. This room is ideal for larger groups to meet and view assigned media. If you would like to reserve a study room or the Media Lounge, please see the attendant at the circulation desk. The Multi-media Classroom and Auditorium are also available for reserve, but this can only be done by consulting with a librarian.
  • Laptops - laptops may be checked out individually by students and faculty. In order to check out a laptop, you must first fill out a laptop form at the circulation desk. Laptops are also library use only, and may be checked out for 3 hours at a time. When checking out a laptop, you must leave your student I.D. at the circulation desk with the attendant, who will give it back once the laptop has been returned.

NOTE: "library use only" items (such as laptops) may NOT enter the 24-hour study.

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