Friday, September 27, 2013

Help Us Save Paper and Ink!

The library printers seem to be running non-stop this semester. While we are glad to be able to offer free and convenient printing, we ask that all our users be thoughtful when clicking on the print button. Here are some ideas to help us save paper and ink:

1. Make sure that you choose the correct printer BEFORE you hit print. It's called Lewis Library (1st, 2nd, or 3rd) Floor.

2. Print on both sides of the paper. You can do this by clicking on the Finishing tab and choosing Print on Both Sides.

3. If printing PowerPoint slides, print them as Handouts, not slides.

4. If you hit print and don't see your document in the printer, ask a librarian for help before you hit print again.

5. Ask yourself if you really need to print these documents or if you can just read it online.

6. If you printed something that you don't want, please put it in one of our recycling bins (they are located near all of our printers).

If you have any questions about any of the above suggestions please ask a librarian for assistance. Just remember to try and save our paper and ink!

Thanks for you help!
Library Staff

**This post was authored by Charlene Baxter.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Want to watch a good movie?

We’ve got plenty of great books and databases in the Lewis Library, but we also have an extensive DVD collection on the upper level. 

In addition to DVDs that support our curriculum (including documentaries, foreign films, and operas), we have many popular feature films, including all eight Harry Potter movies and Hunger Games, and television series such as Downton Abbey and Game of Thrones.   Most of the feature films have call numbers beginning DVD PN 1997, if you want to browse this area; they’re in alphabetical order (more or less).  The television DVDs are mostly in the DVD PN 1992.5 to 1992.7 area.

All our DVDs are in the online catalog, so you can look them up by title (or do an "Author" search for directors or "Words or phrase" for actors).  If the title is a common word that retrieves books as well, you may want to restrict your search to DVDs by using the "Location" pull-down menu:

You can check out our DVDs or play them in the library.  You can view Blu-rays or DVDs in the Media Lounge (Lewis 309), watch DVDs or videocassettes in room 311B (if you’re interested in VHS videocassettes, we still have a fair number—ask at the reference desk for details), or check out a laptop and headphones for in-library use.

If we don’t have a DVD you think we should have, please leave a note in our "Suggestions" box and we'll consider purchasing it.

**This post was authored by Arthur Robinson.

Friday, September 13, 2013

LaGrange College Memories to be Recorded at Homecoming

A Partnership with Archives & Special Collections and Alumni & Community Relations

Although it’s still September, Homecoming is just around the corner on October 12. This year a new activity will be available to alumni at registration at the Callaway Auditorium—a LaGrange College Alumni “Story Corps.” For the past two years at Homecoming, Archives & Special Collections has presented “Do You Know Me?” which is a special table where we have assembled notebooks filled with old photographs of people, places, and events which need to be identified. Alumni who visit us have great fun looking through the pictures as well as assisting us in recognizing some of the people in the photographs and telling us some great stories.  This year Martha Pirkle, Director of Alumni and Community Relations, thought it would be a tremendous idea to have a recording booth set up where alumni could go and record their reminiscences of their time at the College and we in Archives are excited to be partnering with her department for this first ever event.

 We hope all alumni will visit us not only to record their stories but to look through some of the wonderful photographs we have in Archives and help us identify some of the people and places that are part of the LaGrange College story.

These photographs are of LaGrange College’s first officially titled Homecoming in 1959 and were photographed from some old negatives we found. It must have been a wonderful event and there was a horse-drawn carriage carrying Queen Ann Gower, as seen on the bottom, as well as a parade with floats winding its way through the heart of LaGrange. King Ed Nelson and Queen Ann Gower later married.   

**This post was authored by Pat Barrett.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Travel Magazines

Do you dream of new adventures?

Do you love to travel? Do you love exploring new places? Do you love planning new trips to places you have never been before? Do you love trying new foods?  Do you love to sightseeing? Do you enjoy learning new things? Do you enjoy visiting historical sites?

Lewis Library offers new travel related magazines. Stop by & enjoy  browsing through our new magazines!

National Geographic Traveler 

 It's just a book, just ink on paper. But be careful when you open it. There's a universe inside. A good travel book has wings and the ability to transport us, word by word, tale by tale. It introduces us to the people and places that make travel—and, one could argue, life itself—worthwhile. Good travel stories are, in a word, magic. Not only do they show us the world, they help us define our place within it.

Inside Lonely Planet Traveller

Postcards :  Beautiful arresting and thought-provoking travel photos by readers, accompanied by great anecdotes that explains what happening beyond the viewfinder. Armchair Traveller:  Previews and reviews of  the latest TV, films, radio, apps and exhibitions that will continually feed your passion for travel.


Conde Nast Traveller

The world's premier travel magazine, with travel tips, vacation ideas, destination information…


Global Traveler Magazine is the ultimate source for news, reviews and travel guides…


Geographical Magazine

Every issue has some biographical articles, some on recent expeditions, some on nature, some historical, and plenty of book reviews. In short, this magazine gives you a little bit of everything. 

This post was authored by Stacey Davis.