Friday, August 1, 2014

What is going on in the library?!

You may be wondering what we have been up to all summer and what changes have occurred since Mr. Loren Pinkerman's retirement at the end of June. Well, the wait is over! Here are the many changes that have taken place over the past few months.

Ms. Charlene Baxter and Mr. Joe Marciniak have begun to work together as Co-Directors of Lewis Library. Ms. Baxter will remain the liaison to the Education, Psychology and Counseling, Sociology, Latin American Studies and Spanish, and Women's Studies departments while Mr. Marciniak will remain the liaison to Nursing, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science, Exercise Science, Math, and the new Philanthropy and Development program.

Dr. Arthur Robinson, our Reference Librarian will remain liaison to Religion, Art and Design,  upper-division English, and Theater Arts while also taking on liaison responsibilities to the History department and the Music department. If you need an interlibrary loan or have a complicated reference question, he's your man!

Our former Technology Applications Assistant, Mrs. Lindsey Lowry, has moved into her new position as Access Services Librarian upon Loren's retirement. Ms. Lowry will be the liaison to the Business, Political Science, Cornerstone, and lower-division English courses. She will also continue to oversee our library technology.

Mrs. April McArdle is our newest staff member! She will be our new Circulation Manager, and we are happy to welcome her to the team.

Ms. Lisa Farrow, our former Circulation Manager, will now be a Circulation Associate, working more nights and weekends at the circulation desk.

Our new Helpdesk graduate assistant, Abriel McFarland, joined us at the beginning of the summer and is not only working hard toward her M.Ed., but also helping with all of our library technology and room reservations!

So in a nutshell, that is what has been happening at Lewis Library this summer! We've made lots of changes (including moving our offices), but we are geared up for a great new start to the school year in just a couple of weeks!

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