Thursday, July 31, 2014

Moving day!

This fall, you may walk into Lewis Library and notice that something is just a little different...

(queue the drumroll)

We are moving! 
(Ok, just some of us. And just to different offices.)

Keep reading to learn everyone's new location!

Ms. Charlene Baxter has moved into 205, located on the main floor near the back of the library. She has taken on the new role/title of Co-Director.

Ms. Lisa Farrow has moved from 210 all the way to 211, located just behind the circulation desk. She will be taking on her new role of Circulation Associate on August 1st.

Also as of August 1st, you will find our new Circulation Manager, Mrs. April McArdle, in 210! Welcome, April!

Finally, Ms. Lindsey Lowry, our new Access Services Librarian, has moved down to the main floor to 208 near the circulation desk!

The following Librarians and Staff members will be remaining in the same space as before:

Dr. Arthur Robinson, our Reference Librarian, can still be found at our Reference Desk on the main floor, helping you with all of your reference and ILL questions!

Mr. Joe Marciniak, our Electronic Resources Librarian and Co-Director, is remaining in his office, 327, on the 3rd floor. 

(Not pictured: Joe. He's on vacation this week.) 

And finally, our new graduate assistant, Abriel McFarland, is here to answer all of your printing/scanning/ technology questions at the 3rd floor Helpdesk!

In a follow-up blog, look for what everyone's new role will be now that we're in new spaces! Stay tuned!

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