Wednesday, April 2, 2014

National Poetry Month 2014

It's that time of year!

April is National Poetry Month! The Academy of American Poets established this celebration in 1996, and it's still going strong! According to

"National Poetry Month is a month-long, national celebration of poetry established by the Academy of American Poets. The concept is to widen the attention of individuals and the media—to the art of poetry, to living poets, to our complex poetic heritage, and to poetry books and journals of wide aesthetic range and concern. We hope to increase the visibility and availability of poetry in popular culture while acknowledging and celebrating poetry’s ability to sustain itself in the many places where it is practiced and appreciated."

In celebration of National Poetry Month 2014, the faculty and staff at Lewis Library want to get YOU involved! Here's how:

For the entire month of April, Lewis Library will be displaying a Poet-tree. What is a Poet-tree? Glad you asked.

The Poet-Tree is looking a little sad right now! Need more poems!

All month long we will be displaying student, alumni, faculty, and staff poems on our Poet-tree for anyone to enjoy. We encourage you to stop by and see what poems current and former students and faculty have created! On this tree, you might find sonnets, nursery rhymes, haikus, and free-verse of all shapes, sizes, and topics. You never know whose poetry you may find on the Poet-tree!

Poetry by Carrie Fall Benson, LaGrange College's first full-time librarian. Come read four of her poems and a brief bio about her on this cool poetry cube!

A poem by Michael Bishop, LaGrange College Writer-in-Residence from 1996-2012.

If you are a student, faculty member, staff member, or alumni and would like to have your poetry displayed on Lewis Library's Poet-tree, here are some brief instructions:

1. Write an original poem (or use one you've already written)
2. Print it out (not TOO big please!)
3. Make a hanger for it (yarn and a hole punch will work, but we encourage you to get creative if you are making your own)
4. Bring it to the circulation desk at Lewis Library (we will give you a hanger if you don't want to make one) and we'll display it on the tree!

The tree will be coming down at the end of April, so don't delay! If you're not a poet, just come by and see what other students, faculty, and staff have written!

So bring by a poem or two and help us bring our tree to life. We hope to see you and your poetry soon!

Before we sign off, here is a fun poem to kick off the celebration!


“If you are a dreamer come in.
If you are a dreamer, a wisher, a liar,
A hop-er, a pray-er, a magic-bean-buyer...
If you're a pretender come sit by my fire
For we have some flax golden tales to spin.
Come in! 
Come in!”

                                      -Shel Silverstein

*This post was written by Lindsey Lowry

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