Friday, September 20, 2013

Want to watch a good movie?

We’ve got plenty of great books and databases in the Lewis Library, but we also have an extensive DVD collection on the upper level. 

In addition to DVDs that support our curriculum (including documentaries, foreign films, and operas), we have many popular feature films, including all eight Harry Potter movies and Hunger Games, and television series such as Downton Abbey and Game of Thrones.   Most of the feature films have call numbers beginning DVD PN 1997, if you want to browse this area; they’re in alphabetical order (more or less).  The television DVDs are mostly in the DVD PN 1992.5 to 1992.7 area.

All our DVDs are in the online catalog, so you can look them up by title (or do an "Author" search for directors or "Words or phrase" for actors).  If the title is a common word that retrieves books as well, you may want to restrict your search to DVDs by using the "Location" pull-down menu:

You can check out our DVDs or play them in the library.  You can view Blu-rays or DVDs in the Media Lounge (Lewis 309), watch DVDs or videocassettes in room 311B (if you’re interested in VHS videocassettes, we still have a fair number—ask at the reference desk for details), or check out a laptop and headphones for in-library use.

If we don’t have a DVD you think we should have, please leave a note in our "Suggestions" box and we'll consider purchasing it.

**This post was authored by Arthur Robinson.

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