Tuesday, February 5, 2013

You can’t JUDGE a ___ by the outside appearance

Lewis Library has on display several “geodes” that are odd in size, shape, and color.  A huge log or tree stump is what comes to mind when seeing these strange objects at first glance. But when you get closer and look within its hollow opening … WOW, a different view is seen. 

The outside of one of our geodes                                                  The inside of the same geode

If I had not taken the time to look within this particular geode, I would have missed the splendor of such beauty, hidden so well in this unattractive shell.  
So we too, must look within the issues of our world in general before passing things off as unattractive, a waste of time, or a lost cause.  We must see the beauty within; the beauty that quietly waits to be found.  

 In sharing my thoughts of the "geodes", to a friend, she gave me the lyrics to a song by Carrie Newcomer entitled, “Geodes”.   Newcomer’s words speak not only of the geodes beauty,  but of our judgmental views of other matters as well. I hope you will Google this song and listen to the beautiful voice of Carrie Newcomer.   I think you too will agree… you can’t JUDGE a ____ by its outside appearance.

You can’t always tell one from another.
And its best not to judge a book by its tattered cover.
I have found when I tried or looked deeper inside
What appears unadorned might be wondrously formed.
You can’t always tell but sometimes you just know.

All these thing that we call familiar,
Are just miracles clothed in the common place.
 You’ll see it if you try in the next stranger’s eyes,
God walks around in muddy boots, sometimes rags and that’s the truth, 
You can’t always tell, but sometimes you just know.

**This post authored by Lisa Farrow.

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