Monday, February 18, 2013

Lent Journeys

     With Ash Wednesday behind us we are into our Lenten journeys with our intentions to give up various pleasures and take on additional disciplines of study and self reflection. For instance, our Sunday School class is taking the next 5 weeks to study the concepts of sin and redemption. And, as always, I find that the Library has resources to help in this study. One source I’ve found useful is the Encyclopedia of Religion A search for “sin and redemption” in this title yields 115 articles, including ones about suffering, grace, atonement, etc. in both Christianity and Judaism. What a way to get a broader perspective!

     We have many other resources: Bible Concordances (How many times is sin mentioned in the Bible?), etymological dictionaries (Where does the word sin come from? – see the Oxford English Dictionary, and various Bible translations to facilitate our learning.
    As we move toward Easter and reflect on what it means to be human, remember that the Library has tools that can help you expand your knowledge and understanding outside of your academic studies, in all aspects of your life-long learning journey.

**This post authored by Mary Lou Dabbs.

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