Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Writing & Tutoring Center: Spring 2012 Hours

The writing and tutoring center (WTC) at LaGrange College is housed in Lewis Library's Moshell Learning Center (a.k.a. 24-hour study), along with the mini-Starbucks cafe. Each semester the WTC provides tutors for various subjects to the students of LC, including: American Experience , Biology, Chemistry, Economics, French, Math, Nursing, Political Science, Problem Solving, Psychology, Spanish, Writing (for all disciplines). The WTC student tutors, hours and schedule can be found in many places across campus and online, including on the library research guides. Although we have already posted about the research guides, we have not shared the WTC page specifically on this blog, until now! Below is a copy of the WTC Spring 2012 schedule (last updated March 13, 2012). For more information, please CLICK HERE to visit the WTC guide, where you can view photos of the WTC area and download or print a PDF copy of the schedule below:

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