Monday, October 5, 2015

A Technology Update

There have been several technology updates within the Lewis Library recently!

If you have not yet seen it, we now have a portable SmartBoard that is available for reservation! Its multi-touch capabilities give teachers and students more opportunities for collaboration. It has a shadow-free surface that makes the lesson content look crisp and bright. Not only can you create your own presentation, but there are 60,000 resources available on the SMART Exchange website that you are able to download and use for any presentation. It also has the capability to become a whiteboard, providing the opportunity for both the professor and the student to solve problems together.

We also now have two Scannx machines available within Lewis Library. They are located on the second floor by the public access computer, and on the third floor by the Helpdesk. These scanners allow you to easily scan your documents and save them via a variety of avenues for your convenience. You can email the documents to yourself or another person, save them to your flash drive, send them to your Google docs or even send them to your smartphone or tablet!

For lecture recording, Screencast-O-Matic is our newest software.  It allows you to easily record your lectures and save or upload them for students to view on their own time should they miss class or want to review. With Screencast-O-Matic, you are able to record not only your audio and video, but also integrate your desktop into your presentation for a more interactive lesson.  


 Another program that is new to Lewis Library is Blackboard Collaborate. This software allows you to host webinars and virtual classes from anywhere. Participants are able to connect to the session and interact with not only one another but the host as well. Communication is available via audio, video, chat messages, PowerPoint slides, a whiteboard, and even the desktop. 

How Do I Make a Reservation?
To make a room reservation here in the Lewis Library, visit our home page and click: “Book a Room with Technology” located near the bottom. Complete our brief reservation form and click “submit.” You will then receive a confirmation e-mail regarding your reservation request. If you have requested to reserve any media equipment, you will be asked to attend a brief training session on how to use the requested technology.

Which Rooms Can I Reserve?
·         Corn Auditorium (Seats 49 People)
·         Seminar Room (Seats 10 People)
·         MultiMedia Classroom (Seats 24 People)
·         Media Lounge (Seats 5 People)

What Technology Can I Reserve?
·         Laptops (32 for Reservation)
·         Portable Smart Board
·         Portable Projector
·         Blu-Ray/DVD Player
·         VHS Player
·         Camcorder (HD/SD)

Did You Know?
 We now have even more technology that can be checked out from the circulation desk on the second floor!
·         5 Laptops for 24-Hour Checkout
·         7 Laptops for Hourly Checkout (for use within Lewis Library Only)
·         2 iPads for 24-Hour checkout
·         iPhone Chargers
·         SD Camera

Give us a call if you would like any information on the technology available in the library!

This post was written by Ashlee Lanham, Lewis Library Graduate Assistant

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