Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Studying abroad in January? We're here to help!

In just a few short weeks, our undergraduate students will be grabbing passports and airplane tickets and heading to the four corners of the earth to study art, architecture, flora and fauna, culture, history, and more for the JanTerm semester. Some of the greatest memories of being a college student will come from these annual trips, and to help get you excited and prepared, Lewis Library has an excellent collection of travel resources to study before you go. Located centrally on the 3rd floor of Lewis Library, you are sure to find a wealth of information no matter where you may be travelling. Here are some resources that may come in handy for the January 2014 trips:

Central America

There are a number of travel companions with information about central America, all of which are sure to help you prepare for studying the history, culture, and wildlife of this rich area.

These two companions are two of our favorites: 
Yucatan and Mayan Mexico F 1376 .R53 2010
Lonely Planet's Peru F 3409.5 .P475 2010

Check out these Flora and Fauna guides as well to supplement your studies:

Costa Rica Traveller's Widlife QL 228 .C8 B449 2009
Brazil Traveller's Wildlife QL 242 .P43 2010
(and many more than these two)

Also, check out Frommer's Mexico (F 1209 .B35 2007) and Lonely Planet's Mexico (F 1209 .M49 2012) before you go.

Barcelona and Southern France

Lonely Planet publishes some of the most helpful guides available for travelers, and we have one for just about every city you can think of, including Barcelona!
Lonely Planet's Barcelona DP 402 .B24 S75 2012
Barcelona and Catalonia DP 402 .B24 B253 2010

Since those of you embarking on this trip will also be exploring the south of France (lucky ducks!), we're happy to introduce you to our travel magazine selection, which happens to include a magazine dedicated to helping you explore this beautiful country (and it's in English!).
Current issues and past issues of France magazine can be found in our travel section on the third floor of Lewis Library.

Also, check out The Traveling Historian's Guide to France (DC 17 .N488 2003) for our student historians on campus:

Dublin and Edinburgh

For a good read over your bangers and mash, check out A Traveller's Companion to Dublin (DA 995 .D8 D79 2003)

Make sure that you visit St. Patrick's Cathedral in Dublin (where Jonathan Swift is buried!) and watch our DVD St. Patrick's Cathedral: Dublin before you go (DVD DA 995 .D900 S18 2005)

If you're brave enough to eat Haggis, more power to you! But even if not, you can read up on where to go and what to see in Edinburgh by checking out A Traveller's Companion to Edinburgh shown below (DA 890 .E2 T75 2004):

Rome, Italy

We've got a large handful of DK Eyewitness Top 10 books for you to enjoy. 
This isn't even all of them...
But for those of you traveling to Rome in January, you may like to see Top 10: Rome (DG 804 .B733 2013)

Or perhaps you prefer a DVD? We've got you covered. DVDs can also be found on the third floor. Here's one you may enjoy!

Europe to the Max: Molto Italiano! (DVD D 900 .E97 2005 V.1)


Saying "aloha" means hello or goodbye, and before you say goodbye to small-town Georgia for the warm sandy beaches of Hawaii (we're sooo jealous), say hello (or "aloha," as it were) to some of our awesome Hawaii travel guides that call the third floor of Lewis Library home.

Brought to you by the lovely people at Lonely Planet, Discover Kaua'i (DU 628 .D655 2012) and Hawaii (DU 622 .H3364 2011)

Check out Traveller's Wildlife Hawaii (QL 345 .H3 B43 2006) for more information on the flora and fauna of the islands!

Other locations:

Perhaps you are going to another great location that we haven't mentioned here. Come check out our travel section on the 3rd floor and find guides and magazines with information for any location, not just the ones we've highlighted here. If you need help, just ask your friendly librarian and we will guide you to the right place!

Happy JanTerm and safe travels to everyone!!

*This post was authored by Lindsey Lowry

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