Friday, May 3, 2013

Spotlighting Lewis Library’s Graduating Student Assistants for 2013

Congratulations to our graduating SENIORS for their outstanding work at Lewis Library.  
In signing up to work in the library, through the financial aid department, most freshmen will remain with us their entire college years. 
As I have supervised student assistants in the library for a number of years, there have been many with no work experience at all.   Regardless of the work history, I begin my training process by saying, “This is a REAL job and with a real job comes real recommendations for future jobs.”  
Mary Lou and I are honored to have worked with each at the Circulation and Help Desk over the years.   I am sure the life lessons and work experience given by our staff will impact each as they go forth into the REAL world.  

Megan Osika-4 years-Circulation Desk
Jeremy Ikner-2 years-Circulation Desk

Henry Jacobs-2 years-Help Desk

Rachel Singleton-4 years-Circulation Desk

Robert Tobias-4 years-Circulation Desk

Sarah Carter-2 years-Circulation Desk

Bernice Fannin-3 years-Circulation Desk and Helpdesk

Best Wishes to all of our Graduating Seniors!
**This post was authored by Lisa Farrow. 

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