Monday, October 8, 2012

National History Day Mentoring Program

LaGrange College has co-hosted the West Georgia Regional National History Day competition for decades.  In recent years, however, we have become increasingly aware and sensitive to the pressures and demands placed upon teachers and students which restrict the amount of time and energy available to engage in deep, meaningful historical learning.  Our desire to help coalesced around National History Day (NHD).  We decided, during the 2008-2009 academic year to develop what is now called the National History Day Mentoring Program.  The program is multi-faceted and includes: teacher workshops, student workshops, research support and assistance, an electronic query service ( and a discussion forum through Facebook .  Beginning in the 2012-2013, we are partnering with the Georgia Humanities Council to offer educational outreach and NHD support service to the entire state of Georgia.
National History Day students study the past in an active and dynamic way, developing skills that apply to all facets of their lives.  They learn the value of deep and critical reading.  Students analyze evidence, interpret data, draw conclusions and communicate them via written and oral means.  It is a true learning experience:  students learn, students experience, students grow and students achieve in ways even they thought unimaginable.

This year's NHD at LaGrange College brought educators from around the state together to learn more about how their schools can participate in National History Day competitions. Attendees listened to presentations, watched award-winning videos, and participated in Q&A sessions with past judges and veteran History Day participants. The conference was broadcast live and uploaded to Ustream. It can be viewed by clicking HERE.

Want to know more about National History Day? Visit these websites for information:

** This post was authored by Joe Marciniak.

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