Friday, September 7, 2012

Journal Locator

Do you have an article citation and want to find full text?  Maybe there’s a long journal article on reserve and you want to see if you can download it from a database?  Or maybe you’re just looking to see if we have online access to a favorite magazine?

You don’t have to check all 335 of Lewis Library’s databases.  One will do it: Journal Locator 

Journal Locator will tell you whether we have full text in any of our databases for a periodical (journal, magazine, or newspaper), and for what dates.  Just type the title into the search box:
This shows we have full text for the LaGrange Daily News since 2006 in the “Access World News” database.

Sometimes we have coverage for different dates in different databases, for example:
JSTOR has PDF full text from 1966 to 2006; two other databases have full text for the last few years, up until 6 months ago.  (If you want an article from five months ago, you can order it on Interlibrary Loan… or wait a for the database to aquire it.)

You can also use Journal Locator for magazines of personal interest (Rolling Stone, Sporting News, etc.).  Try it out!

For details on how to access Journal Locator, see this Libguide.

Please see the reference librarian if you want more information.

**This post was authored by Arthur Robinson

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