Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Library Technology Spotlight: Tegrity

Lewis Library has been using Tegrity to capture and deliver online video tutorials since fall 2011. More recently, librarian Dr. Arthur Robinson has used Tegrity to deliver online library instruction to English 1102 students this semester as an alternative to the face-to-face classroom experience. The library and the college are very excited about the opportunites for Tegrity to be used throughout campus. The library is currently inviting professors of LaGrange College who are interested in using Tegrity to try out the system. This Thursday, March 1st Rachel Evans will present for 15 minutes about Tegrity on behalf of the library at the faculty meeting, during which faculty can ask questions and get information about integrating Tegrity into their classroom experience.

So what is Tegrity?
Tegrity App for iPad
Tegrity is the name of a lecture-capture system which gives instructors the ability to record their classes live so that students can view them later. Classes may also be recorded ahead of time and used in place of a class meeting, or act as a supplement to the live class session. Tegrity includes the "Tegrity Recorder" which allows instructors to capture their full computer screen (including mouse movements, navigating web pages, powerpoints, playing movies/videos, and more). Instructors can also upload pre-recorded video or audio, and even edit video/audio recordings using Tegrity. Additionally, instructors can share the recordings with their class publicly (by embedding a video player onto a website, blog or wiki) or privately (by sharing a link, or creating individual log-in's for your students). 

Benefits for Students & Instructors:
Tegrity App for iPhone
Students have the ability to review class sessions as many times as they wish, or to access classes that they were absent from. Tegrity studies show that students improved when institutions adopted Tegrity. Tegrity allows instructors to divide their class up into "chapters", giving students easier access to specific parts of a lecture. With student log-ins, Tegrity allows students to take notes from within Tegrity, to "bookmark" specific sections, to email the instructor from within Tegrity, to download the class recordings (optional), to chat live with their instructor through Tegrity (optional), and of course to access the lecture as many times as needed 24/7. Tegrity even has an app for Android, iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch to make class recordings more accsible to students and instructors alike.

For More General Information:
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