Monday, January 2, 2012

Jan Term 2012

 Jan Term 2012

Now that 2012 is here and the official holidays are over, many on campus will be looking forward to Jan Term,  "... that class term held during the month of January for approximately four weeks. Courses offered in the Interim are designed to encourage students to explore course content outside of their majors."

Jan Term provides a wonderful opportunity for students, faculty and staff to explore other disciplines and cultures.  Some will travel abroad to Greece or England with their instructors while others have been inticed by  courses such as  Frank O'Connor's What Shall I Eat? or Tolkien and the Middle Ages taught by Dr. Kevin Shirley.  Mammals of Georgia and the Southeast  focuses on Georgia wildlife and students will conduct research involving live trapping and estimating populations.   
J. R.R. Tolkien


Accordion Books

Marcia Brown will  explore the creative aspects of books, a print medium most of us take for granted,  in  The Art of the Book while Ashleigh Poteat will show students another art, that of Special Effects Stage Makeup.


There are so many classes from which to choose, that it's difficult to pick just one.  Never taken a sociology, music, or religion class?  How about Game Shows, Pop Culture, and Numb3rs:  Oh my!   These  are just a small sample of the variety of classes available this Jan Term and we invite you to come into the library to supplement your class with other resources.  Our travel book collection on the third floor can assist you to prepare for and enable you to appreciate your trip even more. Our Reference section contains a wide variety of guides filled with color photographs to enhance your understanding of not only European art and architecture but assist you in identifying wildlife in the Southeast.  Try our online catalogue and Research Guides to help you find exactly what you're looking for.   

For a complete listing of all the courses offered at LaGrange College this Jan Term, follow this link.

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