Monday, November 21, 2011

Librarian Shares Presentation of Interesting Alumni: LC's Extraordinary Women of the Past

A group of LaGrange College friends visited the library Monday, November 14th for an "Extraordinary Women from LaGrange College's Past" presentation by Charlene Baxter. Ms. Baxter is the Public and Technical Services Librarian at Lewis Library.

Using pictures, books and documents from the library collection and Suber Archives, Ms. Baxter shared stories about some of her favorite past graduates, including: Eliza Frances Andrews, class of 1857; Virginia Atkinson, class of 1880; Carrie Parks Johnson, class of 1883; Buford Jeannette Johnson, class of 1895.

One of Ms. Baxter's favorite stories is that of Buford Johnson (pictured here), a truly extraordinary graduate from LaGrange Female College. After graduating at the age of 15, she later taught mathematics and pedagogy, proceeded to earn a Ph.D. at John Hopkins University, and was the second female to be tenured as a full professor there in 1923. Additionally, this outstanding graduate was the first female president of the Southern Society for Philosophy and Psychology, the founding editor of Child Development, and authored 3 scholarly books.

* This blog post was co-authored by Rachel Evans and Charlene Baxter.

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